Favorite Short Local Rides

Discussion in 'Short Range Trip Reports' started by Ken B., Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Just wanted to share one of the routes I like to go on. Fun for an afternoon ride when I just want to get out of the house.


    I always make it a point to stop at the little King's Valley store for a drink or snack. It's a great little country store that's been in operation for, I don't know how long, but from at least when I was a kid. Last time out there, this guy came over and shared a sandwich with me. 17308772_10210622238505594_4569730053940644898_n.jpg

    There's a good variety of road. Minor elevation changes, long straights, sweeping curves, though not much in the way of twisties. There's lots of dirt roads out there too if you feel like venturing off the blacktop, which if you've got a Twin, you know you're going to want to!

    To top it off, the end of ride destination is the Rogue Farm Taphouse. Rogue is one of the better known PacNW breweries and they always have a good selection on tap out there at the farm. They've got food as well, and on the weekends during the summer, there's usually some live music going on in the evenings. Their 4 Hop IPA was a big hit last summer with my coworkers and I.

    There's a couple other short rides and day trips that I like to take around my area. If you're interested, I'll keep posting them!
  2. Cat photo FTW! Thanks for this @Ken B.
  3. He was pushy too! I looked away and he almost took half my sandwich. After I gave him a piece of cheese and some scratches, he was content to just sit and slow blink at me. Had a crappy week, and the ride and making a new kitty friend was just the therapy I needed.
  4. Diggin' this. It's amazing how better you feel after a good ride.
  5. Thanks for sharing this.